The Zonk font family by Central Type. Designed by Mark Butchko.
Zonk font family. The best sound around.
Zonk font family Don't Look Back.
Zonk font family. Digested the basic principles.
Zonk font family Lust For Life.
Zonk font The World Won't Listen.
Zonk font family word stack.
Zonk font If It Don't Work Out.
Zonk font family. The year 1967.
Zonk font family. Stack of words.
Zonk font family full character set.
Mark Butchko
2 Regular, 2 Cond.
Zonk is an ultra bold type family designed to capture attention and melt eyeballs. It's available in a regular and condensed version, along with the corresponding Italic styles.

Zonk was inspired by multiple sources. In one sense, its an exaggerated, ultra bold version of Kabel Black. The Kabel influences can be seen in the angled terminals as well as the general structure of the M and W. But Zonk also takes cues from a few other historical typefaces such as Palisade Graphic, Ergo, and Black Body. These designs took a bolder and more decorative approach to the Kabel style. Having said all of that, Zonk is no cheap revival. It's a crisp, carefully drawn, bold new beauty of a font.

Like all Central Type fonts, Zonk is packed with a robust set of diacritics and special characters for thorough language support.