Rodger Font Family by Central Type
Rodger Black font heavy monster sound.
Rodger Black font Go!
Rodger Black font the best kind of originality.
Rodger Black Ampersand and insanely jealous.
Rodger Font Family word stack.
Rodger Black font 1968.
Rodger Black font full character set.
Mark Butchko
5 Regular, 5 Italic
The Rodger font family’s main source of inspiration came from rounded display faces of the 1960s and 70s, but it also references sans serif, rounded typefaces found in wood type collections of the 19th century.

Despite its vintage roots, Rodger is not a revival, but rather a contemporary interpretation of a classic style. Its organic, yet refined curves walk a fine line between casualness and formality. Rodger's 10 weights range from the delicate yet sturdy Rodger Thin, to the vaguely psychedelic, plump Rodger Black.

The Rodger font family includes 5 standard weights and 5 matching italic weights.