Mark Butchko
5 Layered Styles
The Halsted font family is a layered typeface family inspired by both the original Art Deco movement and the later revival of the 1970s. Though it’s built upon the high contrast thick to thin strokes of classic faces such as Broadway (1920) and Manhattan (1970), Halsted is a more decorative, contemporary, and geometric interpretation of the style.

The Halsted family contains 3 main shading styles (Halsted Plain, Halsted Ben Day, Halsted Hatch) and one fill/background layer (Halsted Solid). All weights can be effective used on their own, but when you layer one of the shading weights on top of the solid weight you can get a distinct and vibrant effect.

Halsted contains all of the features you’d expect from a polished, contemporary typeface family. Numerous OpenType stylistic alternates are available for certain letters (accessed through Illustrator's "OpenType" menu). Halsted also includes a robust collection of symbols and accent characters that help increase its functionality and provide thorough language support.