Mark Butchko
2 Regular, 6 Shaded
Felten is a bold new display type family available in both a clean version (Felten Regular & Italic) as well as a classic drop shadow version (Felten Shaded). Felten is solid and sturdy, but its bottom-heavy design gives it just enough retro warmth to keep it friendly and playful.

Felten's bold design lends itself perfectly to a heavy, graphic drop shadow. That's why we've created Felten Shaded. Felten Shaded is available in two different shadow styles: an outlined version, and a simpler, clean shadow version. For added convenience, the Felten Shaded family also contains two "fill" weights that make it easier to quickly create multi-colored, dimensional designs.

The Felten family is packed with a robust set of diacritics and special characters.
layering examples
The following images demonstrate the different looks that can be easily achieved by combining of the Felten Shaded shadow weights with it's corresponding "Fill" weight.

Please note, it's recommended to only use the Felten Shaded "Fill" weights in combination with the shadow weights. The "Fill" weights have been spaced and kerned to match perfectly layer with the "Shadow" weights, but on their own their spacing is too exaggerated and awkward.
Felten Shaded layering example panic.Felten Shaded layering example 1974.