Mark Butchko
5 Regular
The Cadet font family began as a study of the Bauhaus type styles of the 1970s. These descendants of Herbert Bayer's experimental designs of the 1920s were built on straight lines and perfect circles and flooded the market in the ‘70s. The look became so ubiquitous that today they’re strongly associated with that era.
While many digital revivals of varying quality are readily available, their overuse and familiarity tend to limit their appeal. What I set out to achieve with Cadet was a design that retained much of the character and charm of the style but stayed rooted enough in traditional sans serif forms to avoid feeling overly familiar.
Cadet is not based on or inspired by any single typeface but is instead a Frankenstein of some of my favorite elements of the style. Some clear points of reference are Busorama (1970), Marvin (1969), Pump (1970), and Kabel (1928). In order to add some versatility I’ve included a number of stylistic alternates to certain letters. These can be used when a layout or certain letter combinations call for more traditional sans serif forms.
The Cadet font family contains 5 weights and a robust set of diacritics and accent characters.